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Green Coffee

Green Coffee is made with coffee grains. It's unroasted. In this way, it keeps its  medicinal properties intact.

Whole Coffe

Whole  Green Coffee is made with all the fruit of the coffee to preserve the  special polyphenols, proteins, fibers and chlorogenic acids. 

Chlorogenic acids

Chlorogenic  acids have multiple benefits for the Human body. The Green coffee  improves metabolic activation, helping to stimulate the burning of fat  and providing energy to the body. 

The unique polyphenols of the coffee fruit

Polyphenols  in conjunction with chlorogenic acids act in synergy to activate a  regeneration process called Neurogenesis. The discovery was made in  August 2017. 

Protect nutritional value

To  protect the high nutritive value of the whole coffee fruit, we use a  process of dehydration at low temperature called FlashDry42 ® with  geothermal energy that makes this process a innovation in terms of  carbon footprint. 

Proprietes of green coffee

Green Coffee


Beneficial for type 2 diabetes since it helps regulate blood sugar levels. 

It helps with weight loss, by stimulating the metabolism of lipids and providing a feeling of fullness. 

 It has high anti-oxidant content due to the qualities of the seed and the pulp.

 Due to the lipolytic and draining action of green coffee, it helps reduce cellulite and eliminate accumulated fat. 

Ingestion  of green  coffee extract balances diastolic and systolic blood pressure  by keeping  the walls of the circulatory system flexible.  

It provides the body with healthy energy, ideal for all types of people and lifestyles. 

Integral Coffee


Eating whole coffee fruit doubles the levels of a  protein called brain-derived  neurotrophic factor (BDNF) that promotes  the growth of new brain cells  (neurogenesis). 

 Research  shows that the improvement of BDNF levels prevents Alzheimer's,  Parkinson's  Poor neural development, many mental illnesses and  depression. 

 It is a key food for learning and memory. 

 Due to how the body metabolizes the whole fruit, the effect is increased cerebral activity and mental clarity .

 Assists  with maintaining a state of alertness . An excellent solution for long  working hours, driving long distances and night schedules. 

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Coffee Berry


Coffee Berry neutralizes toxic, free radicals throughout the body.

 Helps protect against heart disease,
avoid injuries to the membranes and
 Defend against cancer
It can also help protect against diseases such as asthma 

The "CoffeeBerry" is one of the most powerful antioxidants for the skin that exists today .


Chlorogenic Acids


Improves metabolism.

It is  anti-HIV, anti-cancer, antiallergic.

In vitro studies suggest that this
compound eliminates radicals generated in aqueous phase, increases LDL resistance to peroxidation and inhibits DNA damage.

Once toasted, the chlorogenic acid
changes its molecular structure,
becoming brown acid  and losing a large part of its beneficial properties.



The post-harvest process

developed  by Caffte Global S.A. is responsible  for the bioavailability of  compounds in their products. Exposing coffee and other fruits to high  temperatures degrade most of the

of their nutritional value, but these

innovative processes allow

us  to preserve antioxidants and polyphenols. Among these polyphenols are  the procyanidins that protect the brain cells, as well as the  polyphenols both in the coffee and in the cocoa that elevates BDNF in  such a spectacular way. BDNF acts on certain neurons of the central  nervous system and the peripheral nervous system, which helps to  maintain the survival of the

existing neurons and encourages the growth and the differentiation of new neurons and synapses.

 This  great gift to humanity is only possible when consuming products from  coffee, where they consume their fruit and its unroasted grain.



The benefits of antioxidants are very important to  good health. Antioxidants fight against free radicals when left  unchallenged can cause a wide  range of illnesses and chronic diseases. 

 Increasing one's antioxidant intake is essential for optimum health.

 Boosting your antioxidant intake can help provide added protection for the body against:

• Heart problems
• Eye problems
• Memory problems
• Mood disorders
• Immune system problems

Products of Coffee

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Properties of Cacao


Nutritional properties

Cocoa tops the list of foods with the highest antioxidant content, comparable to green tea and red wine.

It   contains 50% healthy fat, between 11% and 12% proteins, 7%  and 8% of  starch, and the rest is made up of water, fiber,  essential organic  acids and in smaller quantities it has sugar,  theobromine, caffeine,  and 300 more substances.

The high levels magnesium of are found in its raw form. 

For your health

The powerful antioxidants protect and assist in the  prevention  and development of different pathologies due to oxidative  stress, such  as,  cardiovascular, cerebrovascular, liver, gastric,  colon, and diabetes.

 Cacao  relieves stress thanks to  theobromine, which stimulates the central  nervous system, is it more subtle than caffeine, and its effect is  longer.

 Consumption of dark chocolate with 60 or 70% cocoa can lower the levels of bad cholesterol (LDL) and increase the good (HDL).

 Cacao  improves sexual performance. Its chemicals such as phenylethylamine  anandamide, and  serotonin, are neurotransmitters responsible for  stimulating endorphins  in the brain responsible for feelings of  well-being, pleasure, euphoria  and excitement.  

For your beauty

When not ingested, in the form of topical products, it has hydration benefits for the hair and reduction of cellulite.

A great antioxidant for the skin thanks to its flavonoids that protect against cellular damage exerted by free radicals.

It is a natural photoprotector, so it can help to prevent skin cancer 

The story of Cacao

The gift of cocoa and the cosmology of the Bri Bri


Sibu is the creator of everything, the architect, he is the child who proposes games and experiments seeing what happens.
Sibu is the lazy one, who from his celestial hammock where he spends all  day sending other beings to carry out the tasks. He knows perfectly  which animal, god or goddess is the right one for each job.

Sibu created the world full of riches, food,  tools and medicine. Finally he created the Bri Bri from the seeds of  corn and created the Usures, conical houses for them to live in (this is  another beautiful story). When he finished with the creation Sibu said:  "I have given you all things in mother nature so that you can take care  of them and use them to live, I have given you all the wisdom. Do not  ask me for help or wisdom, you do not need it, I am in you and in all  things around you. Do not use my name in vain or I will curse you.
Bri Bri do not have days of worship and prayer. Gratitude and  connection, respect and communication with Mother Nature are in every  act. It is said that a Bri Bri who does not feel love for Mother Nature  cannot call himself Bri Bri regardless of his skin or lineage.
When Sibu observed his creation he felt the need to give a gift to  humans, a gift to help them remember his humility and gratitude, his  connection to Mother Nature, in case they ever forgot. In the search for  the right gift he thought of the Cocoa family - The cocoa family was 5  hemanas, 5 goddesses. They were Slo, Squalo, Wero, Tsiru and Oshwo. So,  he went down into the jungle to see which of them could give him the  gift he was looking for.
Sibu, the creator.luminous/illuminated, masked in the shape of an old,  ugly and curved man arrived at the cocoa sisters' cabin. The three older  sisters Squaro, Wero and Slo were pretty tall women, Tsiru was the  shortest and least beautiful (not to say ugly) and Oshwo the smallest  and youngest of them all. He asked permission to court them. The  beautiful older sisters were rejected by the old man and that touched  their pride so they hung their hammocks at the top of the cabin so he  couldn't reach them. Tsiru instead made him a cup of cocoa and hosted  him. The old man asked her to marry him and she accepted.
Squalo laughed so hard that he fell from his hammock and released an  odor all over the cabin. Since that day the Cacao Squalo releases a gas  when it falls from the tree. The other sisters from laughing so much  remained tied and immivilized in their hammocks.
Tsiru accepted the old man's marriage proposal and left de la usure with  him. Immediately he changed his appearance and showed his brilliant  image. All the sisters then begged him to marry them as they were much  prettier. "Tsiru, with his humility and good heart can be in charge of  the gift to men. This present is a gift of understanding, gratitude and  connection to mother earth and creation.


Products of Cacao

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Cacao and Coffee Combination

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This is the first time in recorded History that the full nutritional value of cacao and coffee is fullypreserved to be delivered anywhere in the world with    We don’t roast it... we keep the integrity of the blessing of these sacred fruits using Italian tecnology that reduces 90% the carbon footprint of Cacao and Coffee.
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Moca Magic 1lb


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